Bao cao cong tac bao ve moi truong – Things to know

SGE is one of the organizations that specializes in environmental profiling. With more than 7 years of working experience in the profession, SGE can now help your business implement 12 different types of environmental records according to environmental protection laws. Today, we would like to introduce and advise you about the type of bao cao cong tac bao ve moi truong, please follow up soon.

Why make a report on environmental protection ?

When a company has a project in operation, no matter how big or small, there is always hazardous waste generated in the process of production and business activities, right? To overcome and minimize the pollution source situation, which is the main effect of this environmental protection work report, the purpose of implementation is to check and monitor pollution sources around the project site. project activities, identify harmful pollution sources and from there analyze to find the most appropriate countermeasures.

SGE was established to meet the needs of making reports on environmental protection for your business. With 7 years of experience, we have made monitoring reports for many businesses and enterprises in the whole country and receive good feedback from customers, this is also the motivation to help us develop our services.

Cycle of making environmental protection report

– Carry out environmental monitoring every 6 months: monitor typical pollution parameters according to current legal standards

– Prepare waste monitoring records every 3 months: monitor and measure waste sources, typical pollution parameters for the project’s waste according to standards and regulations promulgated by law.

– Particularly, Binh Duong province prepares a report on environmental protection once a year.

Legal basis for making reports on environmental protection

– Basis thong tu 43/2015/TT- BTMNT ngay 19 thang 09 nam 2015 ve bao cao ket qua quan trac moi truong;

– Basis  thong tu 24/2017 ngay 01 thang 09 nam 2017 quy đinh ve hoat đong quan trac moi truong;

– Basis nghi dinh 155/2016/NĐ-CP ngay 18/11/2016 cua Chinh phu quy dinh ve xu phat vi pham hanh chinh trong linh vuc bao ve moi truong.

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Process of making reports on environmental protection

– Step 1: survey data related to the project such as natural conditions, climate, geology, surrounding environment, and people where the project operates.

– Step 2: visit the project site to survey the level of pollution sources, identify harmful pollution sources such as wastewater, exhaust gas, waste causing environmental pollution.

– Step 3: Collect a sample of the pollutant source, then analyze it at the laboratory

– Step 4: The investor of the investment project provides documents and data related to the project to write the monitoring report

– Step 5: Complete the application and return it to the project owner to sign for confirmation

– Step 6: Submit application for approval

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